JMeter is software that can perform load test, performance-oriented business (functional) test, regression test, etc., on different protocols or technologies. JMeter is an open sourced testing tool and has many advantages beyond performance testing for any specific application. It is best for stimulating a heavy load on a single server or a group of servers to analyze the performance level. It works finely on the networks or different objects to evaluate their strength under the stress of different types of loads.

SSS Solutions is a Solution Oriented Non-Functional Testing [SONFT] Model using J-Meter has a highly Effective procedure and Skillset in place to ensure that enterprise level Applications performance is evaluated from aspects.

SSS Solutions provides comprehensive solutions ranging from application development in the web and mobile arenas, to software testing as well and deployment. We ensure that there are no glitches from the start of the project to the end and provide on-time delivery making sure that the client is satisfied with the overall outcome of the project.

Protocols supported by SONFT – Using JMeter are

  • Web − HTTP, HTTPS sites ‘web 1.0’ web 2.0 (ajax, flex and flex-ws-amf)
  • Web Services − SOAP / XML-RPC
  • Database via JDBC drivers
  • Directory − LDAP
  • Messaging Oriented service via JMS
  • Service − POP3, IMAP, SMTP
  • FTP Service

Advantages of JMeter Testing with us:

Our testing engineers are all well versed with the technical aspects of Jmeter load testing. SSS Solutions is a premier Jmeter Software Testing Company and has a proven track record of working efficiently to carry Jmeter Performance Testing .Our engineers are experienced to lay down the objective of testing to be conducted beforehand to have a clear and concise approach. Our testing professionals are well-equipped with the desire skill-set to conduct performance testing using JMeter as well as load testing with JMeter. We ensure high performance-oriented software applications by our flawless JMeter Performance Testing services.

JMeter Testing

Our Offerings:

The modern applications environments are hybrid which includes different services and application programming interfaces across mobile and on premises. To ensure the best user experience you need high application performance that is less response times.

SSS Solutions Application Performance team helps clients deliver future proof systems with high responsiveness availability and scalability. Our Application Performance recommendations can reduce the frequency and blackout by helping you find problems more quickly.

  • API Testing
  • Run Load Tests with Real Browsers
  • Scalable Load Testing from Anywhere
  • Real-time Reporting and Comprehensive Analytics
  • Securely Capture and Replay Real Mobile Traffic
  • Simulate Production Network Conditions

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