Smartphones and other mobile devices are responsible for the rise of new fields and opportunities in the world right now. Mobile application development is now a promising field with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Apps come pre-installed on mobile devices such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), tablets and mobile phones or delivered as web applications to provide an application-like feel within a browser.

iPhones are popular nowadays and as an app development company, you cannot afford to skip creating an iOS version of your app. We have been developing iPhone Applications that are being used by wide range of consumers ranging from Enterprise users to mass consumers. We have also assisted several startup companies in giving shape to their ideas and build a highly robust and visually appealing iPhone Applications.

Our iPhone Application developers have good expertise on the following iPhone Tools and Technologies:

  • X-Code (Integrated Development Environment)(IDE)
  • Interface Builder
  • Sqlite3 database
  • Core Location (Using Core Location Manager)
  • Open GL ES
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • LBS (Location Based Service)
  • Accelerometer
  • XML Parsing (Using NSXML Parser)

We also have incorporated open sourced APIs of third party like Facebook , Twitter , Google Map , Google Calendar in developing projects.

iPhone provides lower level access to third party applications. So it is possible for developers to build a vast category of applications on the iPhone.

Why SSS Solutions for iPhone Development?

Our expert iPhone app developers understand the critical aspects of iPhone app development. We know that your iPhone app needs to measurably achieve business goals, reflect and promote your brand, and firmly engage users. From achieving your creative vision to getting the best return on your investment, Simpalm’s time-tested processes are designed to deliver for you. The Simpalm process begins and ends with the client. From the first conversation about your project, to the final public release in the App Store, everything we do is client-centered and designed to achieve your goals.

iPhone Applications

Our Offerings:

SSS Solutions offers full, end-to-end, iPhone application development services, including:

  • Understanding the needs and business goals for your iPhone App.
  • Creation of the UI/UX designs your app needs to achieve those goals.
  • Full app compatibility for all iPhone versions and models.
  • Full testing and deployment of your iPhone App in App Stores.
  • Full post-production support, enhancement requirements, and maintenance.
  • Full marketing services support for your iPhone App.
  • Full backend server support and creation of a matching Android app for your iPhone App.

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