Multi-Level Marketing( MLM )

MLM Business growing day by day, MLM Software plays an important role for successful multi level marketing business. MLM business or Multi-level marketing, is a method businesses use to market their products directly to consumers through relationship and direct selling. Distributors are generally non salaried and make their money by commission off sales made by their own independent organization. These organizations are made by either building up their own customer base who purchase directly from the parent company or by recruiting other sales people who perform all the leg work for the distributor. A distributor can make money by selling the parent company's products wholesale to their own organization. Another way to make money in MLM business is by hiring other distributors.

Our MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) application is unique, first of its kind, complete and comprehensive Network marketing Solution that is designed and developed. It is extremely user friendly, designed and defined to meet the next generation technology requirements.

Functions of MLM

The aim of MLM is to build a system that helps any type of M.L.M (Multi Level Marketing) agency to do all their process in a systematic way. Our MLM facility deals with a manufacturing firm, basically into the manufacture of cosmetics and supplying to it's clients.

Technology Expertise

Our application is highly secured and is built on cloud environment using various technologies for high usability, scalability, and reliability.

It is built using PHP at front end and MySQL at backend and various technologies like Javascript, CSS.

This product helps you in providing:

  • Customer Management
  • User Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Products Management
  • Binary Tree Structure
  • Reports Management

Advantages of MLM

Here are some of top advantages offered by the MLM:

  • Easy To Manage
  • Complete Control over Business
  • Accuracy
  • Saves Time
  • Professionalism
  • Task Automation
  • Improves Productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction

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