Hospital Managment System ( HMS )

The project "Hospital management system" is aimed to develop to maintain the day-to-day state of admission/discharge of patients, list of doctors, reports generation, and etc.

Our HMS is unique, first of its kind, complete and comprehensive Hospital Management solution that is designed and developed. It is extremely user friendly, designed and defined to meet the next generation technology requirements.

Functions of HMS

The function of the Hospital Management System involves tracking Out-Patient's appointment histories, In-Patient's Check-In & Check Out histories, Billing, Pharmacy Inventory, and Doctors Management. Replacing certain processes with various levels of HMS systems can distribute information management responsibilities so that the bulk of information gathering is not delegated strictly to Hospitals.

Technology Expertise

Our application is highly secured and is built on cloud environment using various technologies for high usability, scalability, and reliability.

It is built using PHP at front end and MySQL at backend and various technologies like Javascript, CSS.

This product helps you in providing:

  • Doctors Management
  • In-Patient Management
  • Out-Patient Management
  • Appointments Management
  • Check In & Check Out Management
  • Billing Counter
  • Pharmacy Management


  • To computerize all details regarding patient details & hospital details.
  • Scheduling the appointment of patient with doctors to make it convenient for both.
  • Scheduling the services of specialized doctors and emergency properly so that facilities provided by hospital are fully utilized in effective and efficient manner.
  • If the medical store issues medicines to patients, it should reduce the stock status of the medical store and vice-versa.
  • It should be able to handle the test reports of patients conducted in the pathology lab of the hospital
  • The inventory should be updated automatically whenever a transaction is made.
  • The information of the patients should be kept up to date and there record should be kept in the system for historical purposes.

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